Photographs of medical and sports clothing

Men's Medical Clothing

Medical clothing is kind of a medical uniform - it is represented by the clothes of a nurse, a doctor, a laboratory technician or a surgeon. After all, we can hardly imagine a doctor without a coat. LTEX is the largest manufacturer of medical clothing in Slovakia and products such as shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, blouses, pants and coats are worn by thousands of people.

Women's Medical Clothing

A nurse's uniform or typical medical outfit is a bleach, shirt, pants, or medical coat. LTEX clothing is characterized by a variety of color combinations and cuts and offers elegant dresses, skirts and blouses.


Everybody likes to relax after work. We like to wear something pleasant and comfortable. LTEX - GEKON sportswear is comfortable, has an optimal fit and is made in high quality, which we also guarantee medical clothing. T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants excel in imaginative design - get inspired too!

Zdravotnícke oblečenie, šaty a pracovné odevy LTEX Zdravotnické oblečení, šaty a pracovní oděvy LTEX LTEX - Öröm öltözködni

Mirka Púčeková

Mirka Púčeková will advise you on the choice of clothing

Telefonický kontakt0948 720 760

Monday- Friday 8.30 - 15.30

A selection of our GekonSport sportswear:

Sports leggings, Scarves and headbands, Sports caps, Sports bra

We do not keep the goods in stock, but sew on order. Therefore, please note that the manufacturing process takes several weeks. Please make sure you compare yourselves properly and carefully choose your size in ours Size chart of clothes. Thank you for understanding!


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