Why buy from us?

There are many importers and manufacturers of garments in Slovakia. Why should you buy from us?

10 things we do for you because we like people dressed nicely and happy

    • 1- 14 year tradition

We have been working clothes since 2004. In 2007 we launched our first shop www.LTEX.sk . with GEKON® garments Over the years, we have built a reputation and trust with our customers.

      • 2- L-TEX com s.r.o is the largest medical clothing manufacturer in Slovakia

We have customers from Slovakia, Czech Republic and abroad, most of them regularly come back to us. These are not empty words - we send several thousand pieces of clothing every month by couriers. With the level of service for our satisfied customers, we are getting higher.

        • 3- Wide range of Occupational Medical Clothing

Choice of materials, possible combination of individual models, materials and colors. The widest range of color combinations on the Slovak market

          • 4- Modern design.

We offer a modern design for women's and men's apparel. We expand and upgrade our offer every year.

            • 5- Your Business LOGO

prints, embroidery for clothing, flex, flock, digital printing, screen printing ...

              • 6- 100% Service to visit our sales representatives.

Visits of our four likeable sales representatives at your company with presentation and opportunity to try clothes. We have many years of above-standard supplier relations and a sophisticated logistics system. This, together with our experience, allows us to process your orders as quickly and reliably as possible while providing you with better prices.

                • 7- Quality and Cost - Super Ratio.

Almost all of the goods you buy with us cheaper than comparable competitors.

The quality of our products is our priority. By purchasing our products you can be sure that you do not buy any China, India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. The products are made of first-class materials, are sewn with high quality German threads brand AMANN and our products are guaranteed for 2 years

                  • 8- English product!

Gekon® product in the boiler is inserted Slovak ♥

Our goal is to increase sales of quality Slovak products

- By purchasing Slovak products, you support the sale of domestic production on the domestic market

- you have a quality guarantee for the product that is made of premium material

- you buy products tailored with skillful tailors with years of experience

- By purchasing Slovak products you are giving work to our Slovak people

- by purchasing Slovak products we support ourselves

Your garment does not sew any Asian vending machine or is a child labor product. For us

of course systematic output quality control of our products.

                    • 9- We offer you convenient shipping rates

For orders over $ 100.00, you don't have to post.

                      • 10- More details to please ...

our offer is one of the biggest in Europe (more than 1000 possibilities of colors, cuts, and materials)
you buy even better at us - discount up to 20%
different holidays with discounts up to 40%
you can pay cash on delivery, bank transfer, electronic banking TatraPay (TatraBanka), Pay Pal, CardPay (VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Diners Club)
we will inform you by e-mail and SMS
you can also buy with us via mobile phones and tablets



The manufacturer of the original GEKON brand is L-TEX com s.r.o.

L-TEX com p. r. about. is a Slovak company known not only in Slovakia but also in neighboring countries. Established in 2002, it has been successfully operating in the manufacture and sale of medical clothing and work safety equipment for over 10 years.

L-TEX com p. r. about. belongs to the market leader because our priority is a quality product and a satisfied customer. The products are made of first-class materials and sewn with high-quality German threads of the AMANN brand and we also emphasize the quality of the design and last but not least we pay attention to the quality control of each single product. We adapt our production to current trends, while maintaining timelessness.

We are constantly innovating our products, bringing new designs and colors. Just as the Gecko lizard has many color forms, our company offers a number of color combinations because you can look great at work.

We dress over 2,000 outpatient clinics, primary and nursery schools, social care homes every year, and our satisfied customers include customers in the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.

We have an OZ network built to visit you right in the comfort of your workplace so you can try our products directly.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of our company, we are expanding our production and preparing a new collection of sportswear under the GEKONsport brand.

The GEKON tag is a quality tag.

Do 15.júla doručenie ZADARMO

Akcia - doručenie zadarmo

Zdravotnícke oblečenie, šaty a pracovné odevy LTEX Zdravotnické oblečení, šaty a pracovní oděvy LTEX LTEX - Öröm öltözködni

Mirka Púčeková

Mirka Púčeková will advise you on the choice of clothing

Telefonický kontakt0948 720 760

Monday- Friday 8.30 - 15.30

A selection of our GekonSport sportswear:

Sports leggings, Scarves and headbands, Sports caps, Sports bra

We do not keep the goods in stock, but sew on order. Therefore, please note that the manufacturing process takes several weeks. Please make sure you compare yourselves properly and carefully choose your size in ours Size chart of clothes. Thank you for understanding!

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